Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'll Share My Secret

I bet I got you all excited that I was going to share a really juicy secret...maybe not, because you know I'm a dork-face and don't have any fun secrets because I spend my weekends doing homework...I wish...I actually keep saying that's my excuse, but what I really do is sit around, eat, and watch movies and T.V. Yes, I am addicted to T.V. I love to get really into T.V. dramas like One Tree Hill, Desperate House Wives, Gilmore Girls, and others I can't think of. Anyway, I guess I did end up sharing a (totally lame) secret with you (that I'm a couch potato).

But that wasn't the real secret, the real one is where those delicious cookies came from, since some of you commented and wanted to know where my dad got them, I decided to reveal the secret (I asked my dad). It's called Jaquee's Espresso . Hope you enjoy! They have more than just great cookies too, they have yummy sandwiches and other deli foods (so I've heard. I've only had their cookies.)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Special Cookies

My daddy and I have always been really close. I think it is beacuse we are so much alike. We have similar personalities and even look a lot alike. (What? I look like a guy? No!) My mom would always say, "She looks just like James, but without the mustache." Silly mom. My Aunt Melanie, my dad's younger sister, always tells me the same thing when I see her. She says, "You even have the same voice as he did when he was younger, just more feminine." Thanks Aunt Melanie! Anyway, my dad and I are very close. I have always been able to tell him almost everything. (He still is a guy-- somethings he just wouldn't understand). If it were boy troubles I was having, in my later years, he would say, "Uh...maybe you should talk to your mom." Since she's been gone though, he has become very good at listening to my problems and giving advice, even with my boyfriend troubles. He has graciously taken on those responsibilities of my mom, for which I am very greatful. I love my dad, we have great late-night talks together. He doesn't open up to many people, but I'm glad he feels comfotable sharing things with me. Our relationship has grown even stronger since my mom has been gone. We've really tried to support each other. Anyway, what does the title "Special Cookies" have to do with my lovely dad? Well, for about a year now, my dad has been surprising me with these SCRUMPTIOUS sugar cookies every once in awhile. He gets them at this little sandwich shop in Phoenix when he goes there on his lunch break, and he always picks out a cute cookie for me and leaves it on my desk for when I get home. How cute is that? They are so-o delicious. I always try to savour them, but they are so yummy I devour them in a matter of minutes. They just melt in your mouth. I just thought it was so cute of my dad and I wanted to share with you (all 5 of you probably). Getting these cookies means a lot to me. I'm the type that really loves the simple sweet gestures of love. Thanks daddy! I love you!

This cookie was from St. Patty's day

And this one was from today
Here's my sister, Liz and me with my dad at Disneyland when I was two. My dad was such a trooper on that trip. Apparently I cried the entire time we were there. I was sad that my mom had to stay home and work.

My dad loves the outdoors, so we've been on many hikes throughout the years (Elizabeth came on this hike too, but in the pciture with her, she looked like she bumped her head on the sign because she was bending down pretending to hold it up. haha and her undies were hangin out...sorry Liz =)

And lastly, here we are in Rock Point, Mexico