Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'll Share My Secret

I bet I got you all excited that I was going to share a really juicy secret...maybe not, because you know I'm a dork-face and don't have any fun secrets because I spend my weekends doing homework...I wish...I actually keep saying that's my excuse, but what I really do is sit around, eat, and watch movies and T.V. Yes, I am addicted to T.V. I love to get really into T.V. dramas like One Tree Hill, Desperate House Wives, Gilmore Girls, and others I can't think of. Anyway, I guess I did end up sharing a (totally lame) secret with you (that I'm a couch potato).

But that wasn't the real secret, the real one is where those delicious cookies came from, since some of you commented and wanted to know where my dad got them, I decided to reveal the secret (I asked my dad). It's called Jaquee's Espresso . Hope you enjoy! They have more than just great cookies too, they have yummy sandwiches and other deli foods (so I've heard. I've only had their cookies.)

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