Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Project Time!

School's finally out! Well, it's been out for about three weeks now. It's so weird, I could not wait to finally have time to relax and be free of stinkin' school projects. But after Liz and I got back from Cali a week ago, I didn't know what to do with all my free-time-- when I got off work that is. I felt guilty just sitting around and actually relaxing. I thought, "What the? Why do I feel guilty? It's okay to just be lazy for a bit after such a rough semester." Nonetheless, I continued to feel this void. Maybe a part of it was also the fact that I hadn't had time to think about much but homework during the semester, and then when it was all over, everything hit me-- sad things like, "wow, I haven't been on a date since February?" and "Gee I could really use my wonderful, sweet mom right now-- one of our fun shopping/lunch dates maybe." So basically I began to feel pretty depressed and lonely with all this free time. However, since my sister Liz, and Brother-in-law, Navin, are moving in about a week, I decided to do some projects . First, I made them a house-warming gift.
(They loved it-- they said it went really well with their style. YAY!)
Then I decided to make some fun things for the apartment since it will soon be vacant. Last weekend I went to some antique stores on Main St. and found two way cute frames for a good price. I spray-painted them black and then decided to make my own paintings to put inside of them. I painted a chandelier and I'm almost finished with the Eiffel Tower-- all the straight lines are kinda difficult. But they were fun to make and I can't wait to hang them in the apartment.
(Both frames had ballerinas. I think I'll save the cute prints and use them in my future daughter's room-- if I have one.)

Almost finished:

Okay, I finished it a couple hours after I posted. Here's the finished product:

Then, I made this headband for my sister. I have a vintage green one just like this one, that I made for myself awhile ago. And Elizabeth was always saying she wanted one, so I decided to make this one for her while I was in my fun project mode. I think it will look way cute in her new dark hair.
The projects really cheered me up.

Also, here are some pictures from our Cali trip. We had so much fun. It was great to relax and be away for a little bit, without any worries. We watched lots of movies, chilled at the beach and pool, and had fun lunches at Jonny Rockets in Laguna Beach. Their moca fudge shakes are to die for! Seriously, so refreshing!


  1. YAY! I love your projects! Especially the ones you made for me! :) Can't wait to find a place for them in our house! I already found a place for my cute headband (my head, DUH). Cali was so fun and extremely relaxing. I loved our home cooked meals! I like the first pic but what's up with my hair in the second one??! You look cute as usual!

  2. You are gifted! Such cute projects. Your trip to Cali looks like it was so much fun. You deserved a nice relaxing trip after such a rough semester. I totally know what you mean. When you are so busy and then the busy stuff stops, you finally have time to think about everything. Not always fun.