Thursday, June 4, 2009

Preschool kids say the darndest things...

Remember this show?

So, when working with young children you sure hear a lot of funny and awkward things come out of their mouths. They are so open and honest. They haven't learned tact yet. I remember being that way when I was younger too. Lately, the children have said awkward things about boobs. haha. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the funny conversations I've had while working at the preschool.

Conversation with 5-year-old Josh:

Josh: "I have a Spiderman nightlight in my room."

Me: "Oh really? I need to get a nightlight for my new apartment."

Josh: (Astonished) "You need a nightlight? I didn't know grown-ups got scared."

Me: (Wait! I'm a grown-up? I forgot I was that old. Weird.) ......"uh....yeah, grown-ups get scared sometimes too." (sheesh we're not invincible)

Conversation with 2-year-old Lexi: (While on the couch reading books)

Lexi: "Hey, you have boobs." (said while cupping my boob.)

Allie: ...... "Uh... Thanks?" (Hey, if kids are always honest it must be true. I have boobs.)

Lexi: "They feel crunchy."
Allie: "Okay Lexi, let's just finish our story. What do you say?" (Crunchy?)

Conversation with 3-year-old Maddy:
Okay, first let me tell you that we had a pregnant girl working in the room for awhile.

Maddy: "Allie, do you have a baby in your tummy?"

Allie: (sad tone) "Noo...Maddy, just so you know for future reference, you shouldn't ask girls if they have a baby in their tummy. It hurts their feelings."

Maddy: "Why?"

Allie: "Because it makes them think they are fat."

Maddy: "OOh."

Conversation with 3-year-old Tyler and 4-year-old Jake:

Tyler: "Hey Jake, let's play transformers!"

Jake: "Let's get Allie. I'm going to chop off her leg." (pretends to cut my leg with a stick)

Tyler: "Let's chop off her other leg. Let's chop off her boobs! Let's get her boobs." (don't worry, I was standing up so he couldn't reach).

Allie: (Dumbfounded. Chopping? Boobs?) "Whao, whao, whao. We're not going to pretend like we're chopping anything off. And stop saying boobs, it's not appropriate." (that was awkward).

Those are just some of the daily conversations I have with the kids. I wish I could remeber some of the other crazy things I've overheard. They are hilarious. They sure know how to keep me on my toes. They can be so manipulative sometimes too. But that's what I love about my job-- there's a new surprise each day. Kids are fun and teach me a lot.


  1. Hahaha this was a good laugh. I'm sad that show isn't on anymore. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog and for the compliments. I'm flattered. :D

  2. the other day my little niece wouldn't let the fact that I had red lines in my eyes go. She told everyone. ... it was awesome for me *sarcasm*

    ha ha loved the story