Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer So Far....California!

A few weeks ago I flew to LA to see Nick. * Side note, I got my ticket from Southwest like 2 months in advance and it was only $60 total for oneway! It was so nice to spend some time in California with Nick stress-free. He just finished his FIRST YEAR of MED SCHOOL at USC!! Woohoo! I'm so proud. We made it! Only 3 years left. We had a fabulous, relaxing time and the weather was AMAZING, except too cold to go to the beach, which is my favorite thing to do in Cali. Then we drove back together and he is here to stay for the summer. Anywho, enough rambling, I'll move on to the pictures now and just show you all the fun things we did.

First fun place was the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood. It was such a neat, pretty place way up on a green hill. The inside was really cool too, with lots of Greek artwork and solar system deal-ies.

The building looks like a mosque to me. Can you find me in this picture? "Where's Waldo?"

They set up a couple really nice telescopes at sunset and we got to see Saturn. The rings were perfectly visible, it was like seeing Saturn in HD. And, the sunset was beautiful up there, we could see the whole city.

View of LA up from up there. After a few days in LA, we headed down to Dana Point in Orange County to visit my Grandparents. My Grandpa is such a crack-up. I absolutely love to hear his stories. He seems to remember so much. He says, "the trick is to tell what you remember and make up the rest to make it interesting."

We of course had to make a visit to Disneyland and California Adventure. We had a "Zippidy Doo Da" time!
SPLASH MOUNTAIN!! My FAVE!! I said, "Let's try to look like we are bored." Nick said, "Nah! Let's make the most terrified faces we can muster." Here's what we came up with. The people behind us almost peed their pants when they saw our faces.
Ps. Nick's shirt has a shroom on it and it says, "I'm a Fun Guy". This lady in line was all, "Ah ha ha! I love your shirt." Then she tapped her friend and said, "Check out this guy's shirt."

It was pretty toasty outside after Indiana Jones, so we got those delicious pineapple floats!! MMM... refreshing. I could really go for one of those in this nasty AZ heat!!
Then we headed back to LA and went to the Getty Villa in Malibu. Such a cool place. It has Ancient Greek and Aztec art. The outside architechture was really authentic, I felt like I was really in Ancient Greece.
Nick immitating the statue
Me imitating a statue.

That night we made a stop at 21 Choices, the best frozen yogurt place around. All their ingredients are fresh. They have really yummy fruit and other toppings. The people there are so nice, too. They have you taste your yogurt after they mix in the toppings to make sure you like it. =)

Here we are outside of Nick's house, just before we headed back to nasty-weather AZ.

The End


  1. I commented on this post a while ago but I don't know what happened to it. Did you erase it? Anywho, you and Nick are very cute and it looks like you had a great time in Cali. Love you two!!

  2. SO fun! my husband and i were long distance while we were dating and it was so hard..but so fun when we got to be together! also, love LA. so glad you went to the griffith observatory! we actually lived in LA the first summer married so we made a little LA guide you can see here!

    cute blog! we're your newest followers, come follow us back at XO