Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What ever happened to that one girl....Allie was it??

Some of you may have been wondering through sleepless nights about where I've been and what I've been up to. . . Well, I was on hiatus. I had a very busy summer. I had a full-freakin-schedule, which included a class at 7am!! Am I a morning person in the least bit? HELLS NO! Anyhow, that was my boring summer. Things started to pick up at the end of the summer, though, starting with a trip to Utah. I went to my cousin Tina's wedding, and I also went to pick up my new roomie, my cousin Candice! We moved into Liz and Nav's old place (our garage apartment). We are doing fabulous together, especially considering we are sharing a king size bed in a studio apartment-- and we still can't get enough of each other. I call her my heterosexual-life-partner. I know it's weird, since we're related and all, but what can I say, I love that gal. Oh yeah! A week after we moved in, we decided to stop by the pound and we fell in love with a cute puppy, so we rescued him and called him John Bender (Breakfast Club-- he needed a strong name since he's just a little guy). We've also decorated our apartment super cute, and I'll have to post pictures of that in my next post, which won't take 10 months again. So, let's move on the pictures already.

Here are some pictures from Tina's wedding. Don't mind my ugliness (is that a word?), it was windy and I was on a plane just before.
They got cake all over each other! So funny!
This was a before-the-cake-smashing picture. =)

This is Candice's beautiful sister, Mandy with her adorable new baby, Tia! Love them both to bits and pieces!
Tia was so funny, she would smile until the red light on my camera would go off, and then she'd make her "oh" face! So cute! Doesn't Candice look so cute right here too? =)
Bender imidiately ran right under our bed and fell asleep when we brought him home. Aw... He loves just chilling in the mound of pillows.But don't mess with him when he's playing with his zebra! Isn't he a pretty dog? Oh yeah, this is my new friend, Nick. I met this guy over the summer as well. Here we are at his suprise-going-away-dinner, just before he left for med school at USC. He just started med school and he's only 23. Basically, he is the sweetest, smartest, most amazing guy ever!


  1. You did have quite a busy summer and none of it included me! :( Just kidding! You do need to post pictures of the apartment, it looks so cute now! Oh and Candice does look super cute in that picture with Tia. Bender, he's alright too... I guess. Rice really enjoys playing with him! Beans... not so much. I'm glad you finally met a decent guy! He is awesome! Thanks for sharing a tid bit of your life since I never get to see you. Well pretty much only on Monday's.

  2. Finally!!! Whew, now I can sleep tonight! Thank you! Good to finally get an update on the fab life of Allie! Miss u & Candi!!!!