Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holly-Days 2009

I know Christmas is LONG gone until next year, but I still wanted to post about my holidays now that I have time -- now that I should be working on homework. =) We started off our Winter Break by going to San Francisco, but I don't have my sister's pics from that yet, so I'll post more about that next time. But I will say, it was a blast, and we all want to go back-- there's so much to do there. Anyway, onto Christmas.
*Warning: lots of pictures ahead, but that's the best part of posts anyway, right?

Here is the cute lil tree that I borrowed from my sister. It was just right for my small apartment. I went with a peace them for my Christmas decor this year. The owl and this ball are my favorites.
Our other stockings were lame and out of date, so I made new ones for everyone. (I didn't have time put names on them, but I might just leave them that way.)

See that GORGEOUS purple beach crusiser!!?? That was my Christmas present from my sweet Nick. We rode from my house to Tempe Town lake on New Years Eve. It was so much fun. We have the best winter weather in AZ. I LOVE my bike! Here are our self-timer-pictures. I think they actually turned out pretty nice.

Nick LOVES this one. He likes that it's off-center with the bikes in the background. And, I wasn't even posing in this one, the wind was blowing and I was trying to get my hair out of my face before the timer went off. But it made for a nice candid shot I guess.

I really like this one with the blue sky and deep blue water. =)

DEMON DOG!! Here's our lil family photo. Bender was staring at the blinking light on my camera so he ended up looking possessed. And, that's just how is anyway-- the camera knew the real Bender.

That night we had a Par-tay at Liz and Nav's humble abode. Here is Liz and my sista from anotha motha. I love them both! Steph has always been such a sweet friend/older sister! =)

Nick grilled up some delicious buffalo wings! My baby is a good cook! =)

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Allibeaston,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures! I do need to get those San Fran pics to you! Sorry about that! I too, am a fan of the off-center picture of you and Nickleton at the lake. As for the one of Bender... ::waving fist in air:: he is showing his true side in that picture.

    I'm so glad we had such a low key New Years. It was so chill and drama free! That is the way to go! I love you and Nick!! I feel like I don't see you nearly as much as I should! It's sad.... Anywho, thanks for finally posting! Now I need to get back to homework. Thanks a lot for distracting me!! :)

  2. zallie! oh how i miss you already. and i LOVE the apartment i need to come by pronto and check it out. you and nick are frickin' frackin' adorable.. can i please come to the wedding of the century??? :) love ya!

  3. Allie, those pictures are soooooo sweet! You and Nick do such fun things, and already have so many great memories together! I love you!