Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's WAY Better Than Ice Cream

Angel Sweet Gelato is my new favorite dessert. It's so rich and yummy. I'm not really a huge fan of ice cream- I actually prefer fro-yo and gelato over ice cream. They just taste more natural, and they don't make me feel sick and full afterwards the way ice cream does. The day before Nick went back to med school in at USC, we rode our bikes to Angel Sweet Gelato at Riverview. It was a pretty warm day, perfect Gelato-eating-weather.

BEHOLD the delicious flavors of Angel Sweet. My Favs are banana and chocolate.
Look how pretty it is.

We decided to take some silly pics while we were there.

My favorite actvities are always the sweet and simple ones: a bike ride on a nice day, and some yummy gelato. That's my kind of quality time with my sweet boyfriend. =)

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  1. you guys are so frickin' cute! and yes that place is muy delicious! :)